The Birth of the Blog

Here we go.

Every day, I log on to social media and see all of these images of people and their perfect families.  The kids are well-dressed and stylish, the moms have full makeup on and are wearing silk tops without milk stains, and the days are lit with that perfect sepia tone of sleepy Sundays from memory or with the crisp brightness of the perfect summer day.  And I look up from my cellphone or laptop at my own life: the same shirt that I’ve been wearing for three days because heck, at least this one already HAS spit up on it, the child being sent to daycare in mismatched, too-small clothes, the infant sleeping for the first time since yesterday after clusterfeeding all night and I wonder: am I the only one who can’t keep it together?

I think not, friends.  I think not.

So here is where my blog comes from: a place of necessity.  I need to know that there are others like me out there.  I need others out there like me to know that there are others like them; namely me.  Our lives are not sepia-toned.  Our messy bun is legit messy (and often greasy).  We do not handmake our children special sensory montesorri toys or glide through motherhood on wings made of perfect patience.

We are working hard to just be mediocre moms.


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